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Now is the time to start saving on your summer vacation

With the current weather you are probably thinking about your summer vacation and this is a good idea. Here are a few tips to help you keep your summer vacation costs under control.
Why is thinking about your summer vacation now a good idea?
The more time you spend planning the more likely you are to make smarter choices and find ways to save. Waiting to plan until the last minute often leads to less research and spending more.
What are ways to save on the costs of a summer vacation?
There are two strategies that can be used. First, is traveling earlier in the summer when resorts and destinations are usually less busy and prices are lower. The second strategy is to wait until the last minute to book as long as you don’t have a specific destination in mind. Resorts will often discount at the last minute if they aren’t full.
Can your choice of destinations also help lower costs?
Yes, one of the best ways to lower expenses is to travel to an offseason destination. The savings can be huge and often these vacations offer less crowded vacation venues.
What is another important aspect when choosing a destination?
One of the most expensive parts of a summer vacation can be the activities once you arrive at your planned destination. A good way to lower this expense is to look for places that offer free activities or call the resort and negotiate free or discounted activities before arriving.
What is an often overlooked way to save money on your summer vacation?
In the age of the internet, we often rely too much on looking for posted deals and discounts. Don’t be afraid to call your destination and see if you can negotiate directly and score discounts or even free activities. 
Any advice on how to make sure you don’t overspend on your summer vacation?
A good way to determine the budget for your summer vacation is to make sure that you are using savings for at least 50% and preferably at least 75% of the total expenses. That way you are certain that your summer vacation won’t become a financial burden the rest of the year.

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