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Ways to Save this Summer

With summer just over a month away, many people are starting to make summer plans and incur expenses related to summer activities. Before you start on your summer plans, make sure you are prepared to control your spending.  Summer can be a difficult time staying true to your budget.
What is the top reason people have an expensive summer?
When the weather is nice, people tend to want to be outside and enjoy activities. Unfortunately, if they are not careful, these activities like concerts, shopping at outdoor malls, and other activities can be expensive if they occur every weekend. It is not only the concert or the shopping but it is the food and drinks that go along with these activities.
What is the key to having a less expensive summer?
The place to start is to find activities that are free and allow you to bring your own food and drink. The added advantage is that this often means you will find new and interesting places to visit. A little research often provides considerable savings opportunities.
What would be a few ideas that can be free or less expensive?
Most towns and smaller cities offer free music festivals, there are numerous state and national parks that are nearby and even local fairs can provide a relatively inexpensive adventure. If you like the water, canoe trips, skiing or even just a day on the lake provide excellent, inexpensive activities to enjoy.
What activities should be monitored to ensure the expense is justified?
The first is your gym memberships. If you are not visiting the gym from May to October, it might be smart to cancel and rejoin when the weather gets bad. The other expense is pool memberships, if you don’t visit that often, consider paying as you go rather than getting the entire summer membership.
How can summer vacations be less expensive?
It starts with being flexible when you want to have your vacation.  Vacationing early in the summer is often less expensive. Secondly, if you are okay with planning at the last minute and willing to do the research, you can find very good deals at places with lower reservations.  Finally, one day vacations to parks and other activities provide fun at an economical price point.
Are there ways to save around the house?
It starts with how cool you keep your house. Bumping your thermostat up even a couple of degrees can help keep your electric bill lower. Growing a mini garden can help lower food expenses.  Another place to save is with your gardening, consider planting more perennials so that you don’t have to plant every year.
What purchases should be delayed until later in the summer?
Early summer is popular time to replace or add to your outdoor lawn and patio furniture.  Waiting until late summer is a much better time to get really good deals. Most retailers are looking to lower their inventory and make room for fall merchandise.  Waiting until later in the summer will still provide a few good months to enjoy your purchases and while saving a considerable amount of money.

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