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Save Money with Credit Union Membership Perks

As a FORUM member, you have access to numerous perks! One of those happens to be Sprint perks through Love My Credit Union Rewards. This is an exclusive offer for credit union members only.
How do Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards work? For every new line you activate with Sprint, you’ll receive a $100 cash reward! If you’re a current Sprint customer, you’ll receive a $50 cash reward for every line you transfer into Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards. Plus, you’ll receive an annual $50 loyalty cash reward each year for every line!
Here’s how you can get started:
  1. Become a Sprint customer. Visit or schedule an in-store appointment by calling 844.344.6562. If you’re already a Sprint customer, skip ahead to step 2.
  2. Register for cash rewards. Click here to register.
  3. Allow 6 to 8 weeks to see cash rewards directly deposited into your credit union account! For your convenience, you can use a reward tracker to see your cash rewards. Click here for the reward tracker.
That’s it! Pretty easy, right?
For more FORUM member discounts, benefits, and perks, visit our member perks page!

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