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The stock market has been very tumultuous during the last several weeks and there could be a few more weeks of this type of market activity as different events will impact the market. The current environment makes it very important to remember a few key principles for investing.

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The right financial advisor can help you make better decisions, save you money and help you avoid falling victim to your own biases when it comes to investing. The key is finding the right advisor for your situation by asking the right questions to determine if they can and will make your financial situation better than if you did your own investing.

Do you know if you need a financial advisor or not? Maybe you don’t even understand why one would be helpful or even how to find one that fits your needs. It is important to understand why you might want to consider using one regardless of your stage of life.

Many people will experience a financial setback or difficulty that they must deal with during their lifetime. Remaining calm and understanding your situation are two crucial steps in resolving most any financial crisis. It is important that you solve the real problem, not just treat the symptoms.