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With the SaveItUp Challenge coming to a close this year, we asked our members to share their personal savings story. Here’s what they said:

Have you asked your parents for a loan so you could buy something you really wanted? Maybe your favorite music group just released a new CD, and you don’t quite have enough cash on hand to buy it. You ask your parents if they will loan you $20 so you can buy it right away. Then you use the money from your next paycheck or allowance to pay your parents back.

Categories: Buying a Car

If you are looking into buying a vehicle, you may be deciding whether to buy a new auto or a used one. There are pros and cons to both options, so here are a few things to consider when determining which route to go.

Terminology is an important part of every subject that you learn. It is important in learning about finances too. Here are a few standard lending terms that will help you when taking out a loan.

We’ve heard it said a million times, “debt is bad,” but, how many people can pay cash for their home, car, and/or child’s education? So, when does it make sense to borrow, and what debt should be avoided?

You’ve probably heard this saying more times than you can count, “live within your means.” What exactly does that mean, and how can you apply this to your financial life?

Categories: Buying a Car

Everybody has a “dream car.” Most dream cars also come with a very hefty price tag and if you like a really expensive car, it is probably more than you will earn in one year of work. After realizing that the dream car may have to wait, you might select a more affordable car or even a used car. Still the same dilemma though, how do you pay for the car?

The need to make a major purchase pops up in everyone’s life from time to time. Whether it is a bigger house for the family, a newer car, furniture, or a family vacation; consumers are analyzing these purchase decisions now more than ever.

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