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Developing sound financial habits and using them your entire life has a profound impact on your long term financial success. These essential money habits ensure that you will have less opportunities for financial distress. Utilizing smart money moves will impact your level of savings and debt which are the two biggest factors in determining your financial situation. 

Starting a family can be a very exciting time for couples. Preparing to start a family financially can be one of the most important planning steps new parents can take when starting a family. These pre-baby tasks will help you have the information you need to make all of the financial choices that new parents make so that you are prepared financially for kids. 

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The right financial advisor can help you make better decisions, save you money and help you avoid falling victim to your own biases when it comes to investing. The key is finding the right advisor for your situation by asking the right questions to determine if they can and will make your financial situation better than if you did your own investing.

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If 2020 is the year you plan to purchase your first home, you should consider six very important steps to take to become a smart and desirable home buyer. The market looks to continue to be competitive. Getting yourself prepared will ensure that the process is stress-free and that you get the home of your dreams because you are ready financially. 

If you struggle with how to teach smart financial habits to your children, start with looking at all the opportunities that the holidays can provide for financial education. Modeling good financial habits in a time that traditionally is all about forgetting smart money moves is a great way to help your children learn how to live a financially successful life as adults. 

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Living a successful retirement requires more than just building a large nest egg. It is important that in retirement you also continue to practice smart financial money habits or start using them if you didn’t prior to retirement. Living a money smart lifestyle is extremely critical during your retirement years because it can make your money last longer.

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Being financially successful requires making important decisions and taking the correct actions in every decade of your life. Some of the actions are very critical to your longer term success and are the reason they need to be taken earlier in your life. Others are strategies to implement as you are moving into and living in retirement. 

Categories: Financial, Guidance

If your goal is to retire sometime in your early to mid-60’s then there are a few financial moves you should be making in your 50’s. These moves will help increase the chances that you can retire on your terms with the financial security that you need. If you have planned well prior to 50, you might discover that you are in good shape already. 

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