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Catering and Beverage Details

FORUM Conference and Events Center does not have an exclusive in-house caterer for corporate events. Instead we work with many caterers around the Indianapolis area and beyond.  FORUM approves the following caterers:

Caterer Contact Phone
Ritz Charles Casey Jacobs 317-846-9158
Jacquie's Gourmet Jacquie Bols 317-283-2776
Jonathan Byrd's Lauralee Bates 317-590-7066
MBP Distinctive Catering Mary Beth Poe 317-636-4444
Sahm's Catering Shelby Sturtz 317-536-1305
Simply Served Catering Hannah Ignas 317-775-0466

These caterers are approved because we have worked with them previously and had a positive experience.  The caterers are established, provide adequate staffing for events, and understand the expectations of cleaning at our venue.  All of their paperwork can be found on file with us and they are familiar with our space. You can also use a caterer who isn't found on the list above.*  Use of other full-service caterers includes an additional fee. Contact Conference Center staff for details.  

FORUM Conference and Events Center requires specific documentation from all food and beverage providers.  For a complete list of required documentation, contact us.  

*All caterers who do not appear on the approved list must be approved by FORUM Conference and Events Center prior to booking them.  FORUM reserves the right to deny any caterer who does not meet the requirements.