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The Application Process

While Your Application is Reviewed

Here's a checklist of what should be done by all parties while your application is being reviewed by your lender:

You need to: 
  • Shop for homeowners insurance. Proof of insurance coverage is needed before your loan can close.
Your lender will: 
  • Schedule a home appraisal.
  • Order title insurance.
Your REALTOR® will: 
  • Schedule a home inspection to reveal defects and/or major repairs.
  • Schedule a pest inspection.

Your Loan is Approved. What's Next?

That's great now it's time for closing which is the transfer of the title of the house from the seller to you.

Who will be there? The following people may be present at closing: your REALTOR®, the seller, the seller's REALTOR®, the closing officer, and possibly the mortgage broker.


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