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Making an Offer

Your REALTOR® will help you prepare your offer to the seller. You can strengthen your offer by attaching your pre-approval. 

Determine your offer on: 
  • What you can comfortably afford based on pre-approval
  • Prices of similar homes in the same neighborhood
  • Condition of home
Don't be surprised if you receive a counteroffer. Your REALTOR® will help you decide whether you can accept that offer, or if you want to make a new one. 

Your Offer is Accepted. Now What?

If you haven't provided verification of your income and assets in the pre-approval process, you will need to provide those documents to your lender. Also, be prepared for paperwork and questions. 

Here is a full list of documents you will need to make the process smoother.

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Time to Lock Your Rate

If you decide to lock your interest rate, it means the rate won't change even if rates go up or down while you're waiting for your loan to be approved. If you think interest rates will go down, consider waiting to see if you can lock a lower rate.

Once you've made the decision, your lender will submit your application and financial information to a Loan Processor. 

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Fixed or Adjustable Rate

Talk to us

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