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The Final Numbers

During the mortgage process you will receive a GFE (Good Faith Estimate) within 3 days of your initial loan application for your home. On the day of closing you will be required to wire any funds due (down payment, closing costs and pre-paid items) to the title company if they are greater than $10,000. If less than $10,000 you can bring a certified bank issued check in lieu of sending a wire. 


Enjoy Your New Home!

Once you've completed closing, you'll have all your mortgage documents and officially have ownership of the property. You'll receive your keys and be able to begin the moving process.

For even more information on the mortgage process and owning a home, visit our Resource Center.


Talk to us

To apply for a mortgage or get answers to questions, call our Mortgage Specialists at 317-558-6420 or 866-367-8600 or email us at

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