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YLC Mentor Program

FORUM's YLC Mentor Program matches members of the Young Leaders Council with community leaders for personal and professional mentoring.  Each mentored student will have the chance to see inside an industry or organization he or she is interested in through the eyes of someone who knows it best.  With that insight along with feedback, guidance and support from their mentors, students will be able to envision themselves as emerging professionals.

FORUM believes in giving back to the community.  With the help of mentors sharing real-life experiences, our Young Leaders Council members will make better-informed decisions about their own lives, choices and future.  Mentors give back to the community by helping the future leaders succeed.


  • Career Exploration
  • Education/Academic Support
  • Socialization/Networking
  • Leadership Exposure/Insights

Who Can Be a Mentor?

We want to make sure it’s going to be a positive experience for everyone, so we want mentors who are going to be engaged and willing to make time in their schedules. A successful mentor is someone who is willing to look objectively and critically at their own path, be willing to assess what they could have done better, knows how to learn from experiences and can share stories while providing advice and feedback.

Who Can Be a Mentee?

Any member of the Young Leaders Council, ages 17-24, who is determined to gain experience in their professional field of interest, learn business etiquette, and gain leadership skills. A mentee will be expected to communicate in a timely manner with his or her mentor, keep scheduled meeting times (or call in advance to re-schedule), and engage and fully listen to what the mentor has to share. Not yet a member of the Young Leaders Council? Join today!

Based on the interests of our YLC members, examples of mentors include: Previous Grant Recipients, FORUM Employees, Community Leaders, Advisory Council Members and eventually previous scholarship recipients. 

If you would like to participate in our YLC Mentor Program please fill out the form below.

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