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Sprout College Savings Account

It's important to save for your child's future, but what if you're not sure what that future holds?  You want your child to have opportunities beyond just education, and what if they get a scholarship, what if they don't plan on attending college, or what if they want to take a year off?  FORUM's Sprout Account is the perfect place to watch your child's savings grow for whatever the need.


  • Account can be opened at any time from birth to age 18; funds are available when the child turns 18 and will automatically transfer to the child's share savings account
  • No minimum deposit required to open
  • Contributions can be made by anyone and at any time
  • FORUM will match 10% of deposited funds per calendar year at the following tier levels:

    - $20 match for deposits between $200 and $499.99
    - $50 match for deposits between $500 and $749.99
    - $75 match for deposits between $750 and $999.99
    - $100 match for deposits of $1,000 or more
(ex. If you deposit $650 for the calendar year, FORUM will match 10% of the $500 tier level, giving you $50. Maximum match $100. FORUM will not match deposits made in the calendar year the child turns 18.)  
  • Earn a competitive dividend rate
  • Certain penalties may apply for early withdrawals and/or early closure*

To open a Sprout Account, visit a branch location and have two forms of identification for the child (ie. birth certificate, social security card), as well as your personal identification for proof of guardianship.

 Savings Calculator


*One account per child. Child is the account owner. Matching contribution is paid out on the last day of the year, December 31. You will earn annual cash bonus if you meet any of the following total deposit requirements made between January 1st and 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on December 31st. Deposits made after 12 noon through midnight on December 31st will not qualify for the bonus. Maximum match of $100. FORUM will not match deposits made in the calendar year your child turns 18. Penalty for early withdrawal of 10% of the lifetime interest earned on the account and all matched funds. The following distributions are exceptions to the 10% penalty: the account owner has a disability; first-time auto purchase; tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for enrollment or attendance at an educational institution. Expenses and purchases must be incurred for the child named on the account.