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My Accounts


Can I collapse accounts so I do not have to look at each of its information each time I log in?

Yes, you can collapse accounts by clicking on the down arrow in the blue account bar.  This will hide the account info and may also shorten your "My Accounts" screen.  You can also un-collapse the accounts at any time.



Do I have to look at the Dashboard screen first each time I log in?

No, you can change this by going to the top right corner where it states "Welcome, Your Name." A drop down menu will appear and you will want to select "Settings."  Under the "User Settings" section the second to last option states "Changing Landing Page."  Click on this and select "My Accounts."  You will be directed to the "My Accounts page first then next time you log in.

Can the system auto categorize transactions?

Yes and no.  The system can auto categorize purchases made on your debit card.  However the system will not auto categorize deposits, transfers, cash withdrawals, checks, ACH transactions, etc. 

Can the budget remember how I have previously categorized transactions so I don't have to go through each one manually?

At this time the budget cannot remember. We are looking into that functionality as a future enhancement.

Where do I categorize transactions?

You can do this in the history section by clicking on the transaction and choosing the appropriate category.

Can I make my own categories?

At this time customizing categories is not an option.  We are looking into that functionality as a future enhancement.

Can I add other accounts outside of FORUM?

No, the budget is based on only FORUM accounts.


Account History

How much history can I access?

You can see two years plus the current month.

Where are check images?

Each check transaction will show a check icon in the bottom right corner.  You can view the image by clicking the transactionand then click on the icon.

How can I see only check images?

You can do this by going to the "Otherdrop down menu on the bottom right and selecting "Show Only Checks."  This will bring up all checks for the date range selected.

Can I print my account history?

Yes, you can print history from the "Account History Page." There is a "Print History" link in the top right corner of the transactions.  This will print all transactions in the date range selected.



How fast can I receive an Alert about my account?

Alerts are real time.  For example: if you set up an alert for all withdrawals, you will receive the alert immediately following the withdrawal hitting your account.

What type of alerts does FORUM offer?

FORUM offers the following alerts: Balance Summary, Transaction Summary, NSF Overdraft Activity, Balance Falls Below Limit, Balance Exceeds Limits, Withdrawal Exceeds Limit, Deposit Exceeds Limit, Debit Card Pre-Auth Exceeds Limit, Loan Payment Date, Past Due Loan, CD Maturity Date, and Hold Summary.  


Loan Information

Is there a section where I can see details about my loan with FORUM?

You can see the details of your loan by going to the "My Accounts" screen and clicking on the "Detail" link in the loan account box. Details will display not only your CU Online customization of the account but also the loan rate, daily interest, Paid YTD, and "Today Only" payoff amount.


Stop Payment

Can I setup a Stop Payment on a check on CU Online?

Yes, you can do this by hovering over the "Accounts" tab.  "Stop Payment" is the last option listed.


User Settings

How do I find the user settings in CU Online?

In order to access your settings within CU Online, hover around over your name in the top right screen (Welcome, Your Name. This will produce a drop down menu with "Settings" as your second option.  

Where can I change my email address?

Access your settings. There you will see your current email address.  Click the blue link to "Change Email Address."

Where can I change my mobile number?

Access your settingsClick the blue link to "Change Mobile Number."

Where can I change my CU Online Password?

Access your settingsClick the blue link to "Change Password."

Where can I update personal information like: address, home phone, work phone, etc.?

Access your settings.  From there you will see an “Account Settings” section it will have your current address and phone numbers as we have them on file.  You will want to click the blue “Change Account Details" link.

Where can I change my e-statement subscriptions?

Access your settings and scroll down to Account Settings.  Click the blue “Change e-Statement Subscription” link. You will then want to select “Yes” or “No” for e-Statements.  You can also then select which of your accounts you want these changes to affect by clicking the check mark boxes next to the account numbers.

Can I change my username in CU Online?

Access your settings.  Select the blue link to “Change Username.”

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