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For qualified members, FORUM offers mobile deposits, a service that allows you to make check deposits to your FORUM account from the convenience of your mobile device. Using the camera from a supported device (see below) along with the software we provide, you can send secure digital images of checks for deposit into your account from anywhere.

Mobile Deposits Instructions

Apple iOS Devices:
Mobile deposits are available within FORUM’s CU Online Mobile Banking application. Download or update the FORUM Credit Union app within the Apple Store.

Android Devices:
Download or update the FORUM Credit Union app within the Google Play App Store.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Mobile Deposits Requirements
The mobile deposits application works with a variety of supported smartphones or similar devices and utilizes the built-in camera for the capture of check images. The list of supported devices follows:

  • Apple smart devices with iOS version 9.0 or later
  • Android smart devices with 4.4 operating system or later

NOTE: Devices must have a 2.0 megapixel (or greater) camera

If the browser hangs with an hourglass, this is caused by security software on your network blocking the outbound HTTPS connection of the ActiveX control. The ActiveX software uses a direct HTTPS connection to upload your check images for processing, and will not use a configured proxy server. For most users, this does not cause any problems. However, some users may have a non-transparent proxy that prevents this direct connection, and the browser may hang with an hourglass. The Java version of Mobile Deposits properly uses your browsers proxy configuration. Refresh this web page and follow the
Use Java Version link.

If you receive an Upload Error message, please check your Java version by clicking on the coffee cup icon. Java versions prior to 1.5.0_08 have some known bugs that may prevent the upload from working. Upgrade your Java at

If either of these conditions exist, you will need to close Mobile Deposits and re-scan your deposit using the Java version (with up-to-date Java Virtual Machine software).


General Eligibility & Requirements

Credit Score Requirements:

  • Must have a credit score greater than 600 on file with FORUM (within last 12 months).
    • If no current credit score is available and no derogatory credit, must have an account relationship of $1,000 or more in deposits (checking, savings, subshares combined) and membership opened for at least 30 days.
    • If credit score is below 600, account is not eligible for the service regardless of account relationship balance.
  • If a primary member is joint on an account and no derogatory credit, and has a credit score equal or greater than 700, the account will be auto enrolled into Mobile Deposit
  • Loans must be current - cannot be more than 10 days delinquent on a loan.
  • Shares must be in good standing - no suffix may be negative 30 plus days or have permanent holds or other restrictions placed upon it.
  • We must have a valid address on file. 

Full qualifications and member agreement can be found here.  We are open to making exceptions based on the individual member and their relationship with FORUM.  Please call 317-558-6299 or 800-382-5414 to speak with a Member Service Representative for more information.