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Payment Assistance

FORUM offers options to modify Mortgage, Home Equity, Automobile, Secured and Unsecured loan terms for members who are experiencing a financial hardship. If you anticipate a financial hardship or are currently experiencing a hardship, please contact the FORUM Loss Mitigation Department (317-558-6271 or 317-558-6033) to discuss potential repayment options, such as extending the term of your loan or restructuring your payment type for a set period of time.

FORUM recognizes members may experience financial strain as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and temporary business closures. FORUM is here to help lessen the impact of financial distress by providing individualized solutions to our membership. If you are experiencing financial hardship due to a reduction of income or wish to discuss other assistance regarding your FORUM loans, please complete the form below to request assistance. You may also call 317-558-6271 to request assistance. 

Loan Hardship Request

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Examples: loss of hours at work, temporarily laid off, sick/positive COVID-19 diagnosis, staying home with dependent, etc.

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