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As a financial cooperative, FORUM Credit Union’s primary mission is to give back to the members who are a part of the cooperative in the form of lower lending interest rates, higher savings rates, and new products and services. FORUM is also committed to being an active participant in the communities we serve and accomplishes this support through the FORUM Foundation grants and scholarships that are awarded to members annually. 

Periodically, FORUM will partner with other organizations for activities that meet the following criteria:

  • Events where FORUM can connect with community members who have lending and savings needs
  • Events where FORUM can deliver financial education
  • Events that offer longevity of exposure to the markets FORUM serves (not one time signage at an event)

Types of events FORUM does not sponsor:
FORUM serves over 150,000 members, has partnerships with thousands of area employers, and provides commercial services to many local businesses.  While we would love to support individual causes, such as races and walks, this is not generally the type of community partnership that is best for FORUM.

Application Process
Organizations are welcome to submit sponsorship requests by email to Please note that because of the volume of requests that we receive we do not accept telephone inquiries.

Please include the following in your request:

  • Description and history of the event or activity to be sponsored
  • Why FORUM should sponsor this event or activity
  • Benefits of the sponsorship for FORUM
  • Demographics of audience for event or activity
  • Sponsorship levels available (e.g., exclusive, presenting, etc.), including a list of title or other major partners if applicable and costs
  • Deadline for sponsorship decision