Looking for extra money? You can find it every day


Not surprisingly, almost everyone can find a little extra money each month on purchases they make every day from grocery shopping to eating out. If your budget is a little tight or you just want to increase the amount you can put away each month, here are a few ideas just for you.
How can someone save at the grocery store?
It starts with being a smart shopper. Make a weekly meal plan that is then used to create a grocery list. Shop with this list and use a frequent shopper card to earn discounts and rewards. If you want to go the extra mile, clip and use coupons or a coupon app.
Can we really reduce entertainment expenses and still have fun?
Everyone can save on entertainment and dining out and still have a great time. For example, consider lunch instead of dinner, this is usually less expensive. Change the time you do certain activities, for example, go to movie matinees. Also, consider going to free or combining activities to save money. For example, eat a place that has live music rather than attending a concert.
Is DIY an avenue to reduce expenses?
Yes and no. Always do it yourself if you have the skill. For example, most of us can learn to groom our pets but not many of us can repair a broken refrigerator. Only do it yourself if you have the skill or aptitude to perform the task. Otherwise, this can become an expensive lesson in learning your limits.
Where else should we look for savings?
Digging into your subscriptions and memberships is usually a treasure trove of savings. Think about sharing subscriptions like music and movie streaming services if possible. Also, make sure you have the best cell phone plan. Consider reducing your cable or dish programming to lower your cost.
Do you have any pointers on how parents can save?
First, don’t rush to buy everything new. Kids often start many sports that require an investment in equipment, borrow or buy used when they first start a sport. Make sure they are committed before investing in new equipment. Second, think about trading with other parents from clothes to babysitting. These two actions can save hundreds of dollars per child.
Is there an important financial habit that helps someone find extra money?
Being a research oriented shopper is the best way to save money every day. Look for sales on items that you need, search online for discounts and coupons and finally find the best place to purchase your everyday items instead of purchasing them all from the same place.

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