Holiday planning in the summer is a smart financial move


Even though we are still in the long hot days of summer now is the best time to start planning for the holidays. Read below to learn some of the important steps you can take now to help make the holidays less bleary come this winter.
Why is the summer the best time to plan for the holidays?
Mainly because you have more time to find good solutions if you discover you have any financial shortfalls for the holiday season. Plus, the extra time allows for you to make adjustments if needed and keeps the emotion of the season out of your decision making.
What should be the first step in planning for the holidays?
Set your holiday budget now so you know how much you need to save. Be sure to include all holiday costs such as travel and other extra holiday expenses, plus all the gifts you intend to purchase this year. Don’t forget to include extra costs for your pets if you need to have them cared for while you are away.
How can we make sure our budget is accurate?
Start making a list of all the possible gifts for those on your list and then start researching to see if your gift cost is less than or equal to your planned spending for each person.  Also, research travel in advance to see if your estimate is accurate and if there are alternative days to travel.
What are ways to start funding a holiday savings?
Look at reducing expenses to fund your holiday budget including lowering your cable and streaming services bills, using coupons at the grocery store and reducing your entertainment expenses by looking for more free activities. You can also think about a side hustle to earn more cash before the holidays arrive as a way to fund your holiday expenses.
What if your budget is more than you can save before the holidays?
Then you have to find ways to trim your holiday budget. Start looking for deals now to lower the cost of what you want to buy. You can also consider trading services like pet sitting with others around the holidays to lower your holiday expenses.
Are there any other holiday moves to make now?
If you know where you might be shopping for the holidays, signup to receive retailer discounts and coupons via email or text. This can be a great way to get specials that only come to those on their email or text lists.  If you plan to make some of your gifts, start now so you don’t run out of time and end up buying a gift that wasn’t in your budget.

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