Be on the lookout for coronavirus fraudsters


Be on the Lookout for Coronavirus Fraudsters
Unfortunately in these uncertain times, fraudsters are continuing or even increasing their efforts to perpetuate frauds and scams. Awareness and verification are the best ways to prevent becoming a victim of fraud or scams.
Emails that claim to be from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or other reputable organizations with important health information should be highly scrutinized. If you want up-to-date information visit the site yourself. Don’t ever click on links in an email that you didn’t request or seems strange that you are receiving.
Online offers for vaccinations, treatments or prevention are very likely phishing targets to get your personal information or to download malicious software on your mobile phone, Ipad or computer. Remember, anything breakthrough won’t be announced via online ads with heavy sales pitches.
Can’t miss investments opportunities touting companies ready to explode because they have found a cure for Coronavirus. The SEC has issued several warnings regarding emails and online ads that are fraudulent and those sites and investments should be avoided. Talk to a reputable advisory before making any transactions or giving away any personal information.
Remember that your financial institutions and healthcare providers will not be contacting you to obtain information that they already know about you. If you are feeling pressured to provide information or make a quick decision, this is a strong indicator that someone is attempting to defraud or scam you.
Take your time and ask yourself if what you are seeing or being asked to do seems reasonable. Too often in times like this we are in a hurry and don’t allow ourselves to really consider the situation. Often times upon reflection we will know whether to proceed, verify independently, or completely ignore.

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