Be aware of new frauds and new looks to old scams


During any type of crisis, pandemic or economic, there is an increased level of frauds and scams being perpetrated. Some are old scams with a new twist and some are a new type of scam. Whether it is a time of uncertainty or not, the same ways to avoid becoming a victim apply. Here are few of the frauds and scams to be aware of and also reminders on how to avoid them. Awareness and vigilance are the best ways to protect yourself.

Here are a few of the new scams and frauds that have been reported to the FTC in recent weeks:

  • Can’t miss investment opportunities promising unbelievable returns

  • Email with links to information about the coronavirus from the CDC

  • Online offers for newly discovered vaccine

  • Calls reporting to be from the Census Bureau asking personal information

  • Special coronavirus cleaning offers

  • Calls purporting to be from the Social Security Administration

  • Offers to help with errands and absconding with the money

  • Online sellers claiming to have in-demand products

  • Emails or calls allegedly from family asking for help getting home

The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to use a common sense approach to detecting fraud and never succumb to fear or pressure. That is the mistake fraudsters are hoping you make.

Follow these guidelines below to improve your chances of avoiding frauds.

  • Avoid anything that is too good to be true

  • Trust but always verify independently

  • Never give out personal information

  • Don’t click on email links

  • Hang up on high pressure or abusive callers

  • Buy only from reputable online sellers

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