How to find money in your everyday life


Finding unexpected money in your jacket pocket or getting an unexpected check in the mail is always great, who doesn’t love extra money?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could find money everywhere we looked? There are actually several places where we might be able to find a little cash in our daily financial life.
How much money might be found each month?
Depending on your financial situation it easily can be $250 or more per month and if someone wants to look at spending habits, it could even be as much as $1,000 per month. It just depends on how much effort one is willing to expend on looking for money.
Let’s start with the easy places first, where is the best place to look for money?
Review your insurance coverages and premiums because this is a great place to lower expenses. Not only is it shopping your current coverage but also consider making adjustments to your coverages for example if you might be in the position to increase your deductibles or reduce coverages like rental coverage. Both of these will decrease your insurance premiums.
What are other ways to find money that might not be obvious?
Two that are easy to do are: Review your accounts and services with your financial institutions. Make sure that you aren’t paying for something you no longer use or are missing out on rewards such as credit card cash back opportunities. The second, review the rates on all of loans including credit cards, car loans and homes and refinance any loan where you can lower the rate.
What about a behavior change that can net positive cash flow?
This one sounds simple but if can be very difficult because we are all time starved. Don’t shop at one place for everything that you buy on a regular basis and try to eat out of your fridge/pantry before going to the store. Combine these activities with the use of frequent shopper cards and coupons and the savings will be significant each month.
Are there other monthly expenses should be considered for reduction?
One of the best ways to save money is to annually review all of your expenses that are automatically charged to your credit card or checking account. Often people find they are overpaying for cable or mobile phone plans because of additional services that are not needed or they have recurring charges for gym memberships or other streaming services that they are no longer are using. This last step combined with all the others mentioned is how people “find” money every day.

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