Being a smart shopper all year long is easier than you think


We are coming up on one of the busiest shopping times that most people experience. Being a smart shopper is one of the most important ways to keep the holidays from becoming a financial burden. Being a smart shopper all year long is really a lot easier than most people think.
What is the first virtue of being a smart shopper?
Patience – don’t buy the latest and greatest right when it comes out. That is when it will usually be the most expensive. This also means purchasing certain items at the end of the season, especially clothing. Waiting can be difficult but it is the way to save on every purchase.
How does online grocery shopping help people to save?
If you order you groceries online and then pick them up, you avoid all of the temptations to put extra goods in your cart. Additionally, you will know exactly how much you are spending before you get to the checkout, allowing you the ability to remove a few items from your order to stay within your budget.
If you visit stores, what are the important tips to follow?
Be observant about how the store uses merchandising strategies to tempt you to buy more than you intend. Often times you have to walk through aisles of non-essentials to get to the essential reason you made the shopping trip. The other tip is to always shop with a plan, that helps you avoid merchandising tactics.
Should you buy new, used or just the least costly product?
Always buy with a focus on value. Sometimes used is a good deal and other times, you want to buy new because it is better made. Always remember lowest cost isn’t always the least expensive. Buying quality should be the most important aspect of any purchase followed by the cost which means new vs used might be your third criteria.
Should consumers follow retailers on social media and sign up for emails notices?
Yes, if you can be disciplined to use the coupons and discounts you will receive only when you actually need to buy something. It is important to remember retailers use this type of marketing to lure you into a purchasing decision. Stay in control and only buy when you are ready - sometimes missing a sale is the best way to be a smart shopper
What is the most important habit to build if you want to be a smart shopper?
Change your behavior so that the first move you make when you need to buy anything is to research the item and comparison shop with at least 3 to 5 different retailers if possible. This one habit can help you get the best deal every time and also helps you avoid impulse buys. And after researching, sometimes you might decide to wait or not purchase at all.

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