Lower the stress of the holidays with planning



Holidays are a stressful time for many and adding or creating financial difficulties is never a good idea. If you want or need to be a better and more frugal holiday shopper this year, don’t worry there are several actions you can take to achieve this goal.
What is the first step for being a more financial responsible for the holidays?
It all starts with deciding how much you can spend and then making sure you divide this amount into three main categories:

  • How much you want to allocate for gifts

  • How much you are willing to spend on travel if you are travelling

  • And finally if there is any holiday meals for others, how much to spend on food

How can someone best lower how much they spend for the holidays?
It starts with limiting the people you put on your gift list, this might be the year that you:

  • Don’t buy for everyone that you know

  • Avoid purchasing anything for yourself

  • And make a plan for your shopping

What should be included in a holiday shopping plan?
There are only three steps for a sound holiday shopping plan that can help you control spending.

  • Make a budget for each recipient

  • Develop gift ideas for each person

  • Comparison shop to find the best prices

Are there any reasons to delay making purchases once you have found the best price?
It will depend on the item but sometimes is pays to wait because:

  • Retailers may offer more discounts

  • Prices might be reduced on slow moving items

  • You might discover a better idea

What is important to remember about the holidays and gift giving?
We all need to remember, and maybe this year as much or more than other years, that:

  • Thoughtfulness over cost of gift is the most important

  • Your family will cherish more time over more expensive gifts

  • And finally, sometimes the best gift is giving to others less fortunate

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