Are we unwittingly creating spending temptations?


If you feel like that you are having a hard time controlling your spending, maybe the problem is self-inflicted. At least that is the reason that many people have a spending problem. Best way to combat this is to identify and reduce the spending temptations in your life.
What are some of the ways that we tempt ourselves to spend?
It starts by the fact we make it very easy to spend because we save our credit card number in every online shopping site we use. Couple that with many sites having buy with one click and before you know it, we are making purchases while at games, waiting on our coffee and just about anywhere we have access to shopping sites.
How else are we creating these spending temptations?
We sign-up for newsletters, alerts and special offers to get a discount on something we are purchasing. Then, we start to become bombarded by sales offers from those brands on a regular basis and if we are not careful, we starting buying stuff because it’s on sale, not because we need it.
Are there other actions that create what seem to be personalized sales efforts?
We allow cookies and other online sharing so that we are followed by ads based on research we have done online.  Ever look for a new golf club and then everywhere you visit on line and in your social media feed, you see great deals on golf clubs? If we can’t control the urge to buy that new club, we are likely buying that club because of the constant offers.
What are some ways to curb these spending temptations?
It starts by not saving your credit card information at all of your online shopping sites. The mere task of entering all of that information can be a big deterrent to making a purchases. Another important move is don’t put items in your online cart and then leave them. You are likely to receive a series of marketing efforts based on what is in your cart and this pressure often leads to an impulse buying decision.
Is there a good way to overcome buying just because “it’s on sale”?
It can really be simplified to this strategy, don’t ever buying anything on sale that you weren’t already planning to buy prior to learning it was on sale. In other words, a sale isn’t a reason to buy something, rather it is what you should be looking to find when you need to buy something. 

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