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The stock market has been very tumultuous during the last several weeks and there could be a few more weeks of this type of market activity as different events will impact the market. The current environment makes it very important to remember a few key principles for investing.

Developing and using a budget can be an important financial step for anyone to take no matter where they are in their financial life. Budgets don’t have to be complex using spreadsheets and formulas, sometimes simple is really better.

Starting a family can be a very exciting time for couples. Preparing to start a family financially can be one of the most important planning steps new parents can take when starting a family. These pre-baby tasks will help you have the information you need to make all of the financial choices that new parents make so that you are prepared financially for kids. 

During the first quarter of the year is when most people receive raises, bonuses or tax refunds. Leading many people to question of what they should do with this windfall of money. How you use this money has a dramatic impact on your financial future.

Even though income taxes are not due until April 15th now is the time to start working on your return. There are so many benefits to getting your taxes filed early that waiting doesn’t really make financial sense. Don’t procrastinate this year, start early and reap the benefits.

Disagreements about money can be an underlying issue for relationship difficulties. Too often couples don’t talk about financial matters until months or years into a serious relationship. They also never establish short or long term goals or be honest with each other regarding the annoying money habits of the other.

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Saving for life’s unexpected expenses, the holidays or for major purchases is usually something that most people don’t ever quite accomplish even though they know it is a smart financial move. The problem is that most people don’t ever even try to start saving.

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The right financial advisor can help you make better decisions, save you money and help you avoid falling victim to your own biases when it comes to investing. The key is finding the right advisor for your situation by asking the right questions to determine if they can and will make your financial situation better than if you did your own investing.

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