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Educator Grant Winners

Lindsey Bradshaw

HSE Intermediate Junior High School
Science classroom gardening materials

"I love being able to share real life experiences with my students and hopefully teach them a life skill they can use in their lives that deals with science."

Laura Gunderson

Center Grove Middle School Central
Level appropriate novels for novice Spanish students

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"Every day I have the unique opportunity to share my passion for Spanish with my students. I can’t think of many other careers that allow you to share your passion with others in the way that teachers share theirs with their students. I get to help students navigate meaning in a language that is new to them. I also get to share the beauty of the Spanish culture that once inspired me to learn in the first place.  And through my own excitement about our class, I model to my students what it looks like to follow your passion in life. Having a passion for something makes life more meaningful, and so, I love teaching for many reasons, but inspiring my students to find their own passions like I have is definitely at the top of the list!"

Brett Hawkins

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Purchased: New barred instruments for music class

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"As an educator, I truly get to do what I love. I truly enjoy witnessing the power of music and its impact on students. Seeing them develop a love and knowledge of music in the years they are with me is truly special. I also enjoy exposing my students to many different types of music around the world, which reminds them of diversity and other genres out there."

Amanda Kammer

Franklin Township Middle School West
Pickleball paddles, nets, balls for PE class

"The best part of my job as a PE teacher is seeing the kids who think they can't be successful in the gym find success each and every day.  I also love being able to expose my students to games and activities, like pickleball, that they can play for a lifetime."

Norman Leonard

Pike High School
Purchased: Water bottle filling stations in hallway

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"I love helping students reach their goals and encouraging them to push themselves to get better daily.  I also love challenging their thinking, offering broader perspective, deeper understanding, and seeing their paradigms shift that will lead to future improvement and success in their lives."


Amy Mohl

Speedway High School
Purchased: Korg Krome EX88 Synthesizer Keyboard

"It makes my heart happy to see students achieve success through our rehearsals and individual practice. I spend a lot of time with the students as a music teacher, and they are the reason I love coming to my job every day. They continually impress me and I am so proud of what they accomplish from year to year."


Bruce Nelson

Indian Creek Elementary School
Purchased: STEM 3D pens & accessory kit

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"Since I first started teaching I have always enjoyed watching the students when they reach understanding - the "Aha!" moment.  In my current position I get to see that almost on a daily basis as students from 1st through 6th grade work on a variety of projects that begin with students saying "That's too hard," and ending with massive grins as they persevered through to a solution."

Daniel Ng

Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School
Purchased: Global art exchange initiative

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"As a teacher, I'm most excited about the shared learning experience. I became a teacher because I wanted to share my love of creating with students. I felt that the visual arts have a rich benefit for student's academic and social-emotional growth. In this journey, I'm learning new things as well. Often times I make new discoveries alongside my students."

Sheryl Niccum

Guerin Catholic High School
Alternative classroom seating

"I love that I have the opportunity to make a positive difference in my students' lives on a daily basis."


Melanie Nobbe

New Palestine Junior High
Purchased: Gimkit live learning game

"Every day is a new adventure with adolescents.  While it is an admittedly awkward and unsettling time of growth in their lives, the greatest moments are when I see my students become "comfortable in their own skin."  As they begin to recognize their strengths, their interests, and their niche, it's exciting to see their transformation.  Too often adolescents are blinded to their abilities by perceived inadequacies and insecurities. Fostering opportunities for them to see themselves as I do, as unique and specially gifted, is often a game-changer."


Katie Norton

Southeastern Elementary School
Purchased: Outdoor play equipment

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"I love finding what my students are interested in and finding ways to incorporate the standards. I love being outside and playing with my students. As a kindergarten teacher I get to see so much growth! It's amazing how much my students learn throughout the year!"

Elaine Oldham

Washington Woods Elementary School
Purchased: Book Fairy book program

"Social-Emotional Learning is a big component in our school’s philosophy and we strive to empower the students to be advocates and future leaders. Seeing the impact that this program has made on our students is so inspiring. Coming to school each morning is not a job for is a privilege."

Kay Schrage

Stony Creek Elementary School
Purchased: Osmo Explorer Kits

"I love my students! I love the relationships I form with them and their families and the impact I can make  during the 180 days I get to spend with them."


Jessica Smith

Lew Wallace 107
Purchased: Modernize school library with culturally responsive books

"I love working with students who don't have everything. My students come from broken homes, many are refugees, and almost none look like me. They are my heart. They are why I was born. I want them to have the brightest future possible. I believe in them. My favorite quote that keeps me going is, 'God does not place brains in kids' heads based on their zip codes.'"

Erin Stevens

JB Stephens Elementary School
Purchased: Badminton Class Pack for PE class

"I am very passionate about Wellness. I love being able to teach students new sports, games, and to love being active. I believe that elementary Physical Education is the cornerstone of Wellness in our community."

Lisa Thresh

Pleasant Run Elementary School
Sensory pathways

"One of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher is meeting students where they are academically, socially, and emotionally and helping them grow.  Watching students become more confident in their abilities is amazing.  The social and emotional skills are qualities that will help them throughout their entire lives.  Those "lessons" are just as important as the academic lessons."

Miranda Vaiagae

Southwest Elementary School
Math stackers

"I love teaching kindergarten! Most students come in without a lot of exposure to letters and numbers and yet they are so eager to learn. The growth I see throughout the year is incredible. We are working and learning as a team, and they teach me just as much as I teach them. The best thing about my work is that it has purpose and I know what I do every day is making a difference!"