I believe this is a great time to begin a career at FORUM as well as to be a member of FORUM Credit Union. The Credit Union is poised for growth primarily because of three factors.  
  • First, the Credit Union is well-capitalized and continually making investments for the future.  
  • Second, we have members (customers) that believe in what we provide and like how we serve them.
  • Third, we have a dedicated FORUM team that believes in our purpose statement – helping members live their financial dreams.

The combination of the three things (money to invest in the future, FORUM members/fans, and a talented team) makes for a fun work environment and one where you can make a difference.  

Warm Regards,

Doug True
Chief Executive Officer


One of our favorite ways to support local charities, tossing rubber ducks into the fountain from the 3rd floor balcony

FORUM employees focus on serving their members and communities through our 5 components of excellent service

Just a few of the employee gifts to celebrate service anniversaries, hand delivered by the CEO

We would love to talk to you about joining our team!