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Make Saving Simple.

CommonCents is a savings account that helps you save money in practical ways. With this account, you can save your change with every signature based MasterCard® Debit Card transaction you make.


  • Designate a specific amount of change (choose from $.01 to $1) from your checking to go into this account for every signature based debit card transaction you make (Ex. If you choose $.50 for each debit card transaction and you have 40 debit card transactions in one month, your savings will be $20)
  • Earn a competitive dividend rate
  • Receive a $2 cash bonus for having 30 or more signature-based debit card transactions per month
  • Ability to make one automatic transfer each month from your checking account ($200 limit); you pick the date of the transfer
  • e-Statements are required to earn dividends


  • Save your change
  • Save money without changing your spending habits
  • Automate your savings
  • Withdraw money at any time
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