Email Communication

At the time of account opening at FORUM Credit Union all members are asked if they would like to opt-in to receive email communication from FORUM. Selecting “yes” allows FORUM to communicate with you quickly about issues such as credit and debit card breaches, changes to your account, and to provide you with special offers that can improve your financial well-being.

Opting-In To Email Communication

By submitting the form below, you are opting in to receive email communication from FORUM. This includes important notifications about your account status, general FORUM updates, and other communication that would otherwise be sent by mail. This does not change your preference for receiving e-statements. The e-statement setting is updated in FORUM’s home banking, CU Online.

Opt-In Form

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Opting-Out From Email Communication

Any email sent to you contains a link on the bottom of the email that allows you to opt out of the email received. Once you are opted out of that communication you will not receive a future email unless you opt back in through our e-newsletter selection page.

By completing the form below, you will be removed from future email communications from FORUM. This includes notifications about your account status and may delay our ability to quickly notify you of card breaches and other important communication.


Opt-Out Form

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Please allow up to one week from completing the opt-out form to stop receiving emails.

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