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The holiday season can be stressful. Here are some helpful holiday shopping tips regarding our debit card transactions and online/in-store shopping:

  • If your debit card transaction is denied at the register, you can attempt the transaction as a “debit” and enter your PIN.  If your transaction is attempted and denied twice – please call, chat, or send us a CU Online message so that we can assist.  
  • Protect your financial information by requiring a passcode on your mobile devices.
  • Regularly change passwords on sites you have your card information saved on (Amazon, Walmart, PayPal, Target, etc).
  • Avoid making purchases through Cash app, Venmo, or by using your device. Party to Party money sending merchants do not have buyer’s protection. If you do not get your items, there will be no recourse to get the funds back. 
  • It is strongly recommended that you read the “fine print” such as return policies, refund policies, and terms and conditions for online merchants and “free trial” offers. The merchant’s policies can protect them against any kind of dispute.
  • If you are making large purchases, you may be denied for a purchase due to the amount of purchase or the criteria of how the transaction is being processed. You can call, chat, or send us a CU Online message prior to making large purchases so that we can assist in allowing the transactions to process.
  • Looking for a safer payment alternative? Use our Mastercard® Credit Card for secure payments with EMV chip technology, Mastercard® Identity Theft Alerts and built-in activity alerts.

Print or downloand this holiday shopping  PDF.

Safety Tips

It is important to always be aware of your account activities. See tips on how you can keep your information safe every day.

There are moments in life where professional financial guidance can help with your peace of mind:

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Review The Numbers

Whether you're looking to make a large purchase or want to know how much to save, it's important to know your specific financial needs. Head over to our calculators to help make your decision easier.

Homebuyer Tips

Use our Home Buying Guides, such as the First-Time Homebuyer Guide or Construction Loan Guide, to learn more about the homebuying and building process. We also have a Home Renovation Guide for those who already have purchased a home and would like to take on a home renovation project.

Financial Readiness

Being financially prepared in times of uncertainty and unexpected expenses can greatly reduce stress and improve your well-being. It's never too late to improve your financial situation. Even during times of reduced spending, there are easy ways to trim your expenses and make good financial decisions.


FORUM Credit Union has a variety of tools and resources to encourage better saving and spending habits.  Each month in our newsletter we highlight financial topics to promote financial wellness.
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Financial Guidance

FORUM can help guide you on your financial journey with accounts and resources that will support you in any situation. 

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