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FORUM Credit Union designed SaveItUp to encourage better saving and spending habits and to promote financial wellness. Each month, we highlight financial topics to help you get financially fit. This month, our focus is on Savings. Let us know if you are interested in SaveItUp and want to receive emails with helpful articles, videos, tips, and trivia.
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Start a saving habit with unexpected savings
Sometimes, the best way to create a savings habit is to use activities in your daily life that create opportunities to save.  What exactly does that mean and how can you do that?  Read a little further and you find a few ideas that you can truly use to make it happen. Read more>>

SaveItUp Moment

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Create a rule that you transfer a certain amount to savings every time you do a regular activity. For example, every time you use your debit card, transfer $1 to your savings account.  


According to Andy, what is a unique way to control spending? Watch the video above and answer on Twitter or Facebook with #SaveItUp for your chance to win $50!

Offer ends 2/14/2016

*FORUM employees are not eligible. Must be a FORUM member to receive reward. One entry per member. Member's account must be in good standing (no loan delinquencies or negative balances) to receive offer. Please allow 1 or 2 weeks for $50 reward after the offer ends.