52 Week Money Challenge Registration

If you are interested registering for the 52 Week Money Challenge, and you have not participated in the 52 Week Money Challenge before, please fill out the form below if you are a FORUM Member. Your account will be opened January 1-9, 2021, as long as initial deposit funds are availible in the subshare you choose. You will see an account titled "52 WEEK" within CU Online, this is your 52 Week Money Challenge account. The first week's deposit will be made when your account is opened, but you must remember to transfer money to the account starting the second week (January 10th, 2020).

If you participated in the 52 Week Money Challenge in 2020 and you wish to continue to do the challenge in 2021, please do not fill out the form. Your account will automatically rollover for 2021. Please remember to continue transferring money to the account so you are eligible for the reward in 2022.

In order to participate in the 52 Week Money Challenge you must be a FORUM Credit Union member. If you are not a member but would like to open a FORUM account please click here.

*Please note if funds are not available by Thursday, January 1st, 2021, we will not open the account.
We will transfer the money for the first deposit to open the account. Please remember to start transferring money to the account starting the second week, January 10th, 2020.
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