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YOUR Checking Account

YOUR Checking is simple. There's just one checking account to choose from, but the way you use it makes the account unique to you. Everyone gets the basic features while also having the opportunity to earn rewards and take advantage of additional services.



Get even more out of YOUR Checking with our additional services: Open YOUR Checking  YOUR Checking Guide

Rewards (View New Rewards Coming July 2018!)

The below rewards are active through June 30, 2018. New rewards are coming July 2018!

To enroll in our rewards program within CU Online, go to "My Accounts" and click on the rewards icon next to YOUR Checking and select your reward type. By completing certain items, you'll earn credits. If you earn at least 4 credits from a combination of reward items (2 credits must be earned from a category other than the length account open item) and complete 2 or more checking account transactions per month, you'll receive rewards.  

Rewards items Credits per month

Loan balance*

1 credit per $5,000 (limit 20 credits)

Savings balance**

1 credit for $500 or more; 1 additional credit for $50,001 or more (limit 2 credits)

Checking transactions 2 credits for 20 transactions or more (limit 2 credits)
Length account open***

0 - 4 years: 1 credit
5 – 9 years: 2 credits
10 – 19 years: 3 credits
20 or more years: 4 credits
(limit 4 credits; must earn at least 2 credits from a different rewards item category to receive rewards)

*Loan balance excludes first mortgages. Delinquent loans more than ten days past their due date excluded from credits. **Savings balance based on all non-checking deposit balances on account with YOUR Checking. ***Based on membership account open date on account with YOUR Checking. Rewards items based on last day of the previous month through the second to last day of the current month. Rewards are credited to the account as dividends and will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on a 1099-INT.


See how FORUM has given back through YOUR Checking rewards.


Rewards Selection (good through June 30, 2018)

For the Choose how you would like to receive your monthly rewards when you earn at least 4 credits and complete 2 or more checking account transactions. You may change your reward option selection through CU Online at any time to optimize your rewards.

Dividends Cash Bank Your Credits

Receive the current checking account dividend rate. See FORUM’s deposit rate sheet for current dividend rate. Dividends paid on average daily balances of $.01 to $25,000.*

Have your credits deposited as cash to your checking account. See FORUM’s deposit rate sheet for the current credit dollar exchange.

Bank your credits to offset any fees incurred on your account or to save money throughout the year. When you choose to bank your credits, credits can only be withdrawn during the year to offset eligible fees. By banking your credits, you’ll receive one lump dividend payout at the end of the year. Account must be open on 12/31 to receive credits for the past year. (Credits are forfeited if the account is closed prior to 12/31.)

*Average daily balance is calculated by adding the account balances at the end of the day together and dividing the total by the number of days in the month.

See Truth-In-Savings Disclosure for full details and disclosures.