Education Grant Recipients

2020 Recipients

Sarah Ackerman

Speedway Junior High School
Purchased: 3Doodler EDU Create+ Learning Pack, supplies, and 3D printer

"My students vary from all different backgrounds, nationalities, and languages...some are just beginning to learn the English language, but through teaching them coding and design software we all come together in a common language and unity. I am so thankful and so blessed to be able to work with kids every day."

Kelly Barnes

Kitley Intermediate School
Purchased: A new kiln for the art students

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"It is always my hope to provide an environment in the art room that fosters a safe, fun and inspirational place to learn. I always tell my students that art is an outlet for them to expess themselves, share ideas with the world and communicate their thoughts and feelings."

Jennifer Brackney

Danville Community School Corporation
Purchased: GBC Thermal Laminator and laminating supplies 

"I have found myself exactly where I am supposed to be - working in schools supporting children with special needs as they progress through their educational experience. I enjoy problem solving with teachers and parents to find ways to help students overcome obstacles and watching students become successful in areas that at first seem insurmountable."

Dr. Deborah Daniels Calhoun

Pike High School Freshman Center
Purchased: Student packs of whiteboards, markers, and erasers

"I love most about teaching the day to day intellectual relationships, the skills I see my students obtaining, the skills they help me obtain, and the knowledge regarding our subject matter that is gained in the process."

William Doublestein

Boone Meadow Elementary
Purchased: Equipment for experiments that show the physics of sound

See William's video

"Teaching combines my two passions, music and education, but the thing I love most about teaching is the kids! I have always been a kid at heart, and I can certainly relate to the kindergarten through fourth graders I get to see every day. I find their curiosity and enthusiasm to be contagious, and I learn alot just being around them. Having the opportunity to participate in a child's learning is a pure joy, and I think it does as much for me as it does for them."

Derek Fischer

Greenwood Community High School
Purchased: Supplies for the school hydroponic garden

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"I tell people that my main goal is to make students as big of nutrition nerds as me, but my real objective is that I hope to help them find a vocatoin that calls them and sparks their passions as much as teaching nutrition does for me."

Shantel Garrett

North Elementary School
Purchased: Implementation of the JA BizTown program

"The individual and personal growth of each student, increased self-esteem and self-confidence and a love of learning inspires and motivates me in my teaching.

Kathryn Graham

Brandywine Elementary School
Purchased: New sensory space for K-4 students

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"As a special educator or just a friend walking down the hall, I want students to know that I am here for them, and ready to help them find their paths to grounding and regulation so that they can learn and grow."

Joseph Hoffman

Plainfield High School
Purchased: Disc golf supplies for physical education class

"Through the relationships I build with my students, I work to foster a positive environment in which students of all walks are comfortable moving, socializing and experiencing effective methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I love moments of 'controlled chaos' with 30+ students engaged in a pickleball tournament or fitness station activity; laughing, sweating and working to compete with one another and themselves."

Anna Jones

Maple Elementary
Purchased: Books for families participating in school virtual family book club

See Anna's Video

"There is nothing better than reflecting upon my day and experiencing that indescribable feeling that I am making a difference in the world. I am playing a small part in building the next generation of leaders for our planet."

Amy McCleery

Mt. Comfort Elementary
Purchased: Supplies for outdoor learning space

See Amy's Video

"Being a teacher provides me with many opportunities to enable students to explore their world while learning new content. Like many teachers, I chose my career to make a difference in the lives of students. Interestingly, though, I find that they are also making a difference in mine. I love the relationships I have built with my students, and I enjoy watching them as they discover new things in their world."

Lindsey Porter

Allisonville Elementary School
Purchased: Kindergarten activity sets

See Lindsey's Video

"Teaching is my passion. Building relationships with my students is an important aspect of teaching. It gives me an opportunity to get to know the students and understand their needs. This not only helps me get to know the child, but the family dynamic as well. I love learning from my students and helping them understand the content taught."

Kristina Sanders

Brookside School 54
Purchased: New books that reflect the student population

"Teaching is my JAM! This is my 17th year of teaching and every year is the BEST year. This year, my teaching role looks different. This year, I am an MCL which means a Multi-Classroom Leader. This job now allows me to help coach teachers on best practices, but also still continue to work directly with students!"

Joseph Shimp

Center Grove Middle School North
Purchased: Mallet instruments for orchestra

See Joseph's Video

"My goal is to inspire students to reach their full potential - not just musically but socially and emotionally. Experiencing the emotions of music together helps us form a bond that is hard to get in other subjects."

Robyn Stout

Sand Creek Intermediate
Purchased: FlashForget Inventor 3D printer with curriculum

See Robyn's Video

"I love helping students find themselves, and realize their true potential. In our world today every student needs an ally to help guide them but also to celebrate their uniqueness and their successes. That is what I love about teaching."

Kimberli Williams

Arsenal Technical High School
Purchased: Kitchen materials for the ARCHES School to Work Program

"It is beyond satisfying to be part of a student's journey toward their young adult life. To work with them to determine an individualized course of action that meets their personal goals; to watch a child blossom into a competent, capable, skilled member of society; to KNOW that the supports they need are in place and that they believe they can have the life they desire is beyond rewarding and I'm very blessed to be able to provide this service to students."

Previous Education Grant Winners

2019 Recipients


Lindsey Bradshaw
HSE Intermediate Junior High School
Purchased: Science classroom gardening materials

Laura Gunderson
Center Grove Middle School Central
Purchased: Level-appropriate novels for novice Spanish students

Brett Hawkins
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Purchased: New barred instruments for music class

Amanda Kammer
Franklin Township Middle School West
Purchased: Pickleball paddles, nets, and balls for PE class

Norman Leonard
Pike High School
Purchased: Water bottle filling stations in hallway

Amy Mohl
Speedway High School
Purchased: Korg Krome EX88 Synthesizer Keyboard

Bruce Nelson
Indian Creek Elementary School
Purchased: STEM 3D pens and accessory kit

Daniel Ng
Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School
Purchased: Global art exchange initiative

Sheryl Niccum
Guerin Catholic High School
Purchased: Alternative classroom seating

Melanie Nobbe
New Palestine Junior High
Purchased: Gimkit live learning game

Katie Norton
Southeastern Elementary School
Purchased: Outdoor play equipment

Elaine Oldham
Washington Woods Elementary School
Purchased: Book Fairy book program

Kay Schrage
Stony Creek Elementary School
Purchased: Osmo Explorer Kits

Jessica Smith
Lew Wallace 107
Purchased: Modernize school library with culturally responsive books

Erin Stevens
JB Stephens Elementary School
Purchased: Badminton Class Pack for PE class

Lisa Thresh
Pleasant Run Elementary School
Purchased: Sensory pathways

Miranda Vaiagae
Southwest Elementary School
Purchased: Math stackers



2018 Recipients


Erin Amones
New Palestine Junior High School
Purchased: Social thinking curriculum

Melissa Bardack
Center Grove High School
Purchased: Supplies and computer to help with 3D printer design

Stephanie Basile​
Raymond F. Brandes School
Purchased: 30 seat sacks

Edward Berry
Franklin Central High School
Purchased: Rebranding of business department coffee shop

David Culley
Noblesville West Middle School
Purchased: Chinese calligraphy supplies

Veronica Curtis
Franklin Township Middle School East
Purchased: Metal baskets for student desks

Deborah Huffine
Guion Creek Middle School
Purchased: Gladiator ready-to-assemble, hardwood top workbench

Jennifer Leavell
Mt. Vernon High School
Purchased: High-interest books for 9–12 classroom

Nicole Little
Mary Bryan Elementary School
Purchased: Sets of chapter books and bins to store the books

Megan Mathew
Hamilton Heights Middle School
Purchased: Heartrate monitors and software with licensing

Ann Mennonno
Clarks Creek Elementary School
Purchased: Makerspace project cart, fully loaded

Angel Myers
New Britton Elementary School
Purchased: Project Lead the Way launch program modules

Angela Roamer
Avon Intermediate School East
Purchased: Upkeep with classroom cellos and basses

Danielle Thompson
Fall Creek Elementary School
Purchased: Outdoor sensory wall

Robert Walls
Kitley Elementary
Purchased: New Young Hoosier books

Nicole Walters
White River Elementary School
Purchased: Additional books for the classroom that show diverse cultures

Kerri Wood
Belzer Middle School
Purchased: Cross-curricular STEM project



2017 Recipients

Chris Atkinson
Cherry Tree Elementary School
Purchased: 3D Printer for school’s Makerspace

Andrew Brinkman
North Central High School
Purchased: Music composition and analysis software program

Matthew Goddard
Holy Angels Catholic School
Purchased: 12 World Music drumming kits

Sarah Cannon
Eastridge Elementary School
Purchased: Learning rug, outdoor picnic supplies and exercise games

Courtney Chamberlin
North Elementary School
Purchased: Research-based leveled textbooks for the library

Kristen Fern
Super School #19
Purchased: Art and clay making supplies

Miranda Fikes
Rosa Parks Kindergarten Academy
Purchased: Reading and world-building manipulatives

Kurt Freytag
Lawrence Central High School
Purchased: IHSAA basketball and cold-weather gear

Todd Hagemeier
Westfield Middle School
Purchased: 10 disc golf baskets and disc sets

Greg McCord
HSE Junior High School
Purchased: Maglev track and materials for engineering design processes

Kevin Morse
Westfield High School
Purchased: Lab technology for science classrooms

Amber Ploutz
V.O. Isom Elementary School
Purchased: Drama club supplies and costumes

Jennifer Spoor
Reagan Elementary School
Purchased: 6 Kore Patented WOBBLE Chairs

Amanda Stinnett
Pleasant Crossing Elementary School
Purchased: 24 stability ball chairs

Leah Trigg
Avon High Schools
Purchased: Keyboard piano and bench for school choir

Dawn Walker-Seyerle
Arsenal Technical High School
Purchased: Class set of the book "Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook"

Lane Waters
Park Tudor
Purchased: Picnic tables, watering system and other equipment for outdoor learning community



2016 Recipients


Erin Amones
Doe Creek Middle School
Purchased: Materials for 7th and 8th grade essential skills classes

Jamie Beck
Greenwood Community Schools
Purchased: Resources to teach social skills to kindergarten students

Catherine Brinkerhoff
Brownsburg East Middle School
Purchased: MakerBot STEM supplies including a 3D printer and filament

Douglas Brown
Noblesville West Middle School
Purchased: Six durable, portable chessboards and pieces to start a school chess club

Cathleen Clady
Eleanor Skillen School #34
Purchased: Student classroom books for critical reading and writing

Kathy Drake
Pleasant View Elementary School
Purchased: Cubelets Creative Constructors Pack of modular click together robots

Melody Gayle
Break-O-Day Elementary
Purchased: Materials and manipulatives to use at Daily 5 learning stations

Tracie Greene
Smoky Row Elementary
Purchased: Equabeam tools for math to help students gain number sense

Karen Hovanec
Cathedral High School
Purchased: Level-appropriate novels for Spanish classes

Kylie Keevy
Harshman Middle School
Purchased: 50 frogs, 6 fetal pigs and dissections supplies

Jennifer Marlow
Carmel High School
Purchased: 24 Hanna Instruments’ pH testers

Theresa Mendez
Central Catholic School
Purchased: A wide range of new books for the school library

Terry Mitchell
Guion Creek Intermediate
Purchased: Project Lead the Way robotics kits

Nicole Monkul
Brooks School Elementary
Purchased: STEM design and build engineering centers

Ryan Morphew
Options Charter Schools
Purchased: Classroom double-sided dry erase boards, markers and erasers

David Nelson
Indian Creek Elementary
Purchased: Makerspace Pack and materials, including a 3D printer

Carla Redden
Stonybrook Middle School
Purchased: Science supplies including charts, books and chemicals

Helen Shere
Herron High School
Purchased: Class set of magnetic models and cell modeling materials

Gwen Wieczorek
St. Theodore Guerin High School
Purchased: Class set of MiniOne Systems (gel electrophoresis equipment)



2015 Recipients


Vicki Ayres-Benson
North Central High School
Purchased: Pottery wheel for art class

Kelsey Buckley
Zionsville Middle School
Purchased: Makerspace for the media center

Bill Buckman
Carmel Clay Middle School
Purchased: TI Navigator System for calculators

Josh Cecil
Noblesville High School
Purchased: Classroom cameras for video production

Ashley Connor
Sunnyside Elementary, Lawrence Township School
Purchased: Independent phonics center during guided reading

Marinda Grove
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Purchased: Homeschool connection lending library

Maureen Hoffman-Wehmeier
Greenwood Middle School
Purchased: Make My Newspaper design software for school newspaper program

Colleen Ireland
Geist Elementary, Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Purchased: Math game materials

Adam Jahn
Fall Creek Intermediate, Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Purchased: Quadcopter drone for computer programming and data analyzation

Kim King
Center Grove Elementary
Purchased: Guided reading book sets

Jeremy Large
New Palestine High School
Purchased: Recording equipment to create a recording studio

Christine Miller
Shamrock Springs Elementary School
Purchased: Physical Education equipment

Barbra Nichols
New Augusta North, Pike Township Schools
Purchased: Math classroom manipulatives

Alexandra Tubbs
Thompson Crossing Elementary, Franklin Township Schools
Purchased: GAMEPLAN Curriculum books, charts, visuals and classroom set manipulatives

Kim Ward
SUPER School #19, Indianapolis Public Schools
Purchased: Action Based Learning Lab math games, manipulatives and Math & Movement colorful mats



2014 Recipients


Jessica Belton
Avon High School
Purchased: Thermal cycler for DNA hands-on student activities

Clara Crosby
Arlington Elementary, Franklin Township Schools
Purchased: Creation of a classroom reading center and library

Valerie Ferry
Carey Ridge Elementary, Westfield Washington Schools
Purchased: A Copernicus reading and writing center for large group instruction.

Kristin Hancock
GW Carver Montessori 87, Indianapolis Public Schools
Purchased: Picnic tables to turn the school's learning garden into an outdoor classroom

Craig Helming
Noblesville High School
Purchased: Supplies to introduce students to the craft of woodworking

Amanda Holland
Mt. Comfort Elementary, Mt. Vernon Schools
Purchased: Interactive learning tools for the classroom smartboard

Kendra Kidwell
Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Perry Township Schools
Purchased: Classroom supplies including a color-coded rug and student storage sacks

Laura LaCross
Riverside Intermediate School, Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Purchased: Robotic kits to augment STEM learning

Kelly Looper
Guion Creek Middle School, Pike Township Schools
Purchased: Books for summer reading

Terri Perkins
Francis Bellamy 102, Indianapolis Public Schools
Purchased: Character education program to teach prosocial skills to preschool children

Regina Rexrode
Stony Creek Elementary, Noblesville Schools
Purchased: Broadcast software for the daily student school newscast

Christina Riley
Options Charter School, Carmel
Purchased: School-wide initiatives focused on team building, leadership and stress relief

Josh Torres
Center Grove High School
Purchased: A lead pan and set of double seconds to support diverse music education

Danielle Traphagan
New Augusta North, Pike Township Schools
Purchased: Magellan eXplorist GPS tools to support modern geography and spatial thinking education

Brenda Walde
Mary Bryan Elementary and Southport Elementary, Perry Township Schools
Purchased: Assessment software used to identify students in need of special services


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