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The best time to start teaching your kids about money is now! In fact, the more children understand about money at an early age, the better equipped they will be as adults to make wise financial decisions. FORUM has accounts for every age that help teach financial responsibility and give more options as children grow and become more financially independent.

Savvy Savers Start Young

FORUM moon jar

Sprout College Matching Account (open at birth)


FORUM's  Sprout College Matching Account is the perfect way to save for your child’s future educational needs. Funds deposited are matched up to $100 each year, plus the money earns a competitive dividend rate.

Start With A Savings Account (perfect for any age)


FORUM’s Youth Savings Accounts help teach kids the principles of spending, saving, and sharing at an early age. Children receive a moon jar at account opening and can participate in our sticker reward program to get prizes for making deposits.

Save Even More With An Aware Youth Certificate (up to age 19)


For longer-term savings, open an Aware Youth  certificate to earn a higher dividend rate. This unique certificate allows young savers to add money (minimum of $20) at any time and has a low minimum balance requirement of $100. 

Discover All of Our Youth Savings Account Options

Student Checking

Student Summer Promotion 
June 1 - August 31

Open a Student Checking Account now through August 31 to be entered to win a MacBook Air! Already have a Student Checking Account? You'll automatically be entered to win. 

Read official rules. 

Student Checking That’s Simple, Convenient And Secure

FORUM’s Student Checking Account features a free debit card and secure mobile app, so students can make mobile purchases, deposit checks, check their balance and receive real-time alerts from anywhere.


Open a student checking account

Student Lending

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Getting Students Started On The Right Path

We understand the importance of establishing good credit early and the impact it can have on students’ financial future.

FORUM offers a Share Secured Mastercard® Credit Card as well as a Personal Loan designed to fit the unique needs of students and young professionals who are new to credit.  Teen-aged children can also be added as an authorized user on your FORUM Mastercard® to help them securely pay for gas, food, and other expenses they may have as their independence expands.

And when it comes to planning for college, our Smart Option Student Loan with Sallie Mae can help your student achieve their dreams.

Explore Our Many Student Lending Options

Young Leaders Council

Group of young adults, smiling

The FORUM Credit Union Young Leaders Council is a group of young adults coming together to :

  • Gain experience in community leadership and business etiquette

  • Develop peer-leadership skills

  • Collaborate on new ideas for FORUM Credit Union youth products

  • Discuss financial topics important to today's youth

The YLC meets twice per year in-person and communicates regularly throughout the year. 

Discover FORUM’s Programs For Young Leaders And Entrepreneurs.

Financial Guidance

young professional

Free Financial Wellness Check

For young adults new to the working world, having a job and new expenses can be overwhelming. FORUM has all the tools and help you need to get you started on the right path. Schedule a free Financial Wellness Check to put together a budget and get overall financial tips to help as you’re starting off on your own.

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