Loans to Get Your Student Started on the Right Path

At FORUM, we understand the importance of establishing good credit, and the impact credit can have on your child’s financial future. That’s why we offer a variety of loan programs to get students and recent graduates started on the right path!

Student Loans For FORUM Credit Union By Sallie Mae®

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Get The Money You Need To Help Make Higher Education Happen

Whether you're an undergraduate student, graduate student, or parent helping a student pay for school, these flexible loans are designed to meet your needs. 


  • Available for borrowers attending or borrowing for a student attending a degree-granting institution.

  • A choice of competitive fixed and variable interest rates provide even greater flexibility.

  • No origination fees and no prepayment penalty1.

  • Multiple repayment options.

  • Plus, the graduate loan suite is designed to meet the needs of students in specific fields of study.

To learn more about Student Loans for FORUM Credit Union by Sallie Mae® or to apply, please get started here.

Borrow responsibly. These loans are made by Sallie Mae Bank or a lender partner. FORUM Credit Union is not the creditor for these loans and is compensated by Sallie Mae for the referral of loan customers. 
1 Although we do not charge you a penalty or fee if you prepay your loan, any prepayment will be applied as provided in your promissory note: First Unpaid Fees and costs, then to Unpaid Interest, and then to Current Principal. 
® 2019 Sallie Mae Bank. All rights reserved. Sallie Mae, the Sallie Mae logo, and other Sallie Mae names and logos are service marks or registered service marks of Sallie Mae Bank. All other names and logos used are the trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. SLM Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Sallie Mae Bank, are not sponsored by or agencies of the United States of America. 

FORUM Mastercard® Credit Card 

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Start Building Good Credit Early

When your child turns 18 and becomes more financially independent, adding a Share Secured FORUM Mastercard® Credit Card is the next step in teaching financial responsibility. It is a great way to help your student build a strong credit score. Another option is to add your teen-aged children as an authorized user on your FORUM Mastercard® to help them securely pay for gas, food, and other expenses they may have as their independence expands.

Share Secured Credit Card Features

  • A designated amount of money is kept on deposit in the student’s savings account to cover expenditures on the credit card every month.

  • All credit card purchases can be viewed on FORUM’s mobile app, along with any debit card purchases as well as all savings and checking account activity.

  • Having everything in one place makes managing purchases and savings easy.

  • Share secured credit cards are available for ages 18 and up. Adding your teen-ager as an authorized user on your FORUM credit card is available to children under 18. 

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Personal And Auto Loans

Personal Loans

New To Credit? We’ve Got You Covered.

Discover FORUM’s personal loan options for younger borrowers and for those with limited or no established credit.

Learn More

Graduate Auto Loan

Buying That First Car Just Got Easier

Recent graduates are typically younger borrowers with limited or no credit. We offer this specially designed auto loan to help them get on the road to success.

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