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Mortgage Planning

FORUM believes in the importance of financial advisory and doing our part to help find solutions. That is why we encourage financial professionals to include a real estate and mortgage review for their clients on an annual basis. Often times this step will reveal a viable strategy to pay off debt faster, save more money for future investments, or help your clients reposition and plan for an upcoming life event. As a financial professional, providing your client advisory beyond the standard investment review and allocation is not only expectation but it’s paramount to your relationship.  

Strategic Product Reviews:
  • Rate Reduction
  • Term Reduction 
  • Equity Acceleration 
  • Payment Relief 
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Portfolio Balancing
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit 

The following information is to be used for research and discussion purposes only. This is not a loan application or a commitment to lend. All programs and scenarios provided are subject to underwriter review and rates may change with the market until officially locked. 

Financial Planning
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